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Know Your Numbers Blood Pressure Testing Week 2009

Know Your Numbers

Blood Pressure Testing Week 2009

Know Your Numbers runs  7 – 14th September 2009

Always keen to support the national awareness week for blood pressure testing this years nationwide event will see free blood pressure checks throughout the UK.  Testing stations, run by professionally qualified volunteers will open their doors to the public to take blood pressure readings and offer advice and information about high blood pressure.

Find your nearest free blood pressure check

To find your nearest Pressure Station, enter your postcode and click ‘Find nearest’!

If you want to speak to someone about blood pressure the bpassoc operate an information line – 020 8772 4994 which is available Monday to Friday. Of course it is likely that the volume of calls will increase during a successful “know your numbers” awareness week.

Know Your Numbers -100,000,000

36 years ago in 1973 Omron Healthcare manufactured and began selling blood pressure monitors – by the end of August 2009 they passed a significant milestone – 100 models sold in 100 countries totalling 100 million blood pressure monitors sold enabling people around the world to keep track of their blood pressure measurements. The latest range of monitors include climate change beating solar powered machines and machines that directly link into diagnostic >laptop computers which relay information to health care professionals.

Know Your Numbers –  100 days

One hundred days until the climate change meeting in Copenhagen

Conveniently coinciding with the 10:10 campaign in which participants vow to reduce their  CO2 emissions byy 10% in 20010 the Copenhagen climate change pow wow is a hundred days away and environmental groups are preparing for this by supporting the 10 10 cliamte change effort

Timothy West and Blood Pressure BBC Radio 4

Blood Pressure Appeal Timothy West – Radio 4

Actor Timothy West spoke to BBC Radio 4 about the importance of supporting blood pressure testing

The following is a transcript of Timothy’s  Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of the healthcare charity the Blood Pressure Association.

It was the perfect August Bank Holiday Cath and her husband Glen were driving to a country pub to have lunch – on the way they stopped for a newspaper, Glen stopped in the car.  As Cath left the shop she was startled by the sound of a blaring car horn – she looked up to see Glen slumped at the drivers’s seat, his head on the steering wheel.

Glen had died from hypertensive heart disease, a late complication of high blood pressure which he’d had unknowingly had for years – he was just 39.

Rugby mad Glen had seemed fit and healthy with a fantastic future ahead of him, yet appearances can be deceptive.

One in three have high blood pressure

Like me, Glen had high blood pressure, unlike me he was not fortunate enough to know it – you see it’s symptomless – a silent killer. One in three of you listening today will have high blood pressure yet a third of you who do wont even know it

I’m one of the lucky ones – I was diagnosed with high blood pressure during a medical before starting a film. I got the support I needed to bring my condition under control – that’s why, twenty years later I’m talking to you now.

A group of cardivascualr professors were frustrated at seeing endless strokes and heart attacks caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure and formed a healthcare charity awareness organisation for the public’s benefit. The charity takes blood pressure testing out onto the high street. Over the past nine years they’ve provided free checks to over a million people who might not otherwise have known their blood pressure. They also support thousands of people already diagnosed with the condition.

Prevent tragedies like this – its horrific to lose someone but when its preventable its heart breaking.