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Clinically Validated Blood Pressure Monitors

Find out how you can help control your blood pressure by measuring it at home. Read about clinically validated blood pressure monitors and follow the straightforward guide “How to measure blood pressure

The British Hypertension Society (BHS) maintains an up-to-date list of clinically validated monitors, which we have reproduced below.

A and D Instruments monitors (Small, Standard and Large cuffs available to buy)

•    A and D Instruments UA-704
•    A and D Instruments UA-705
•    A and D Instruments UA-767
•    A and D Instruments UA-779
•    A and D Instruments UA-787
•    A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus
•    A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus Memory
•    A and D Instruments UA-774
•    A and D Instruments UA-767PC
•    A and D Instruments UA-767V
•    A and D Instruments UA-767P-BT

Microlife monitors (Standard  and Large cuffs available to buy)

•    Microlife 3AG1
•    Microlife – As easy as 123
•    Microlife BP 3BTO-A
•    Microlife BP A100
•    Microlife 3BTO-A (2) with two different sized cuffs provided that can also be used during pregnancy
• Microlife BP 3AC1-1
•    Microlife BP A100 Plus
•    Microlife BP 3AC1-1PC
•    Microlife WatchBP – details awaited

Omron monitors (Small, Standard and Large upper arm cuffs available to buy. Wrist monitor cuffs fit wrists 13.5-21.5cm)

•    Omron M1 Plus
•    Omron M2 Compact
•    Omron MX2 Basic
•    Omron MX3 Plus
•    Omron M4-I
•    Omron M6
•    Omron M6 Comfort
•    Omron M7
•    Omron M10-IT
•    Omron R6 (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron R7 (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron 705CP-II
•    Omron 637-IT (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron 705IT

more monitors…