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Omron M6 Comfort

The OMRON M6 blood pressure monitor is one of the best selling monitors from a leading manufacturer of medical equipment.

A new look, fully featured automatic blood pressure monitor, with cutting edge technology offering the very best in the fight against hypertension

As well as incorporating all the best functions of previous Omron machines, the success of this new equipment is due to the ease of use and comfort that the Omron M6 offers. It is important that users are relaxed and comfortable when taking readings. The Omron M6 Comfort has a unique pre-formed cuff that is easy to use and sits softly and snugly around the upper arm. It has an arm measurement range of 22-42cm (which suits most people) – although larger and smaller cuffs are readily available

Users of this monitor say that they feel more in control of their blood pressure by taking regular, accurate readings at home

The Omron 6 Comfort blood pressure monitor is an affordable, easy to use reliable machine ideal for home use.


The M6 has the largest display on the market, so it is easy to view and record readings.

The measurement is quickly recorded using comfort inflation technology – Omron’s Trademarked IntelliSense.

Motion Detection – The M6 Comfort has a support system, showing the user if body movement has disturbed the measurement and needs to be repeated.

Irregular pulses (e.g. arrhythmic pulses) can disturb measurements, which can result in false readings. The M6 has unique algorithm that detects measurement quality and ensures that only valid, accurate results are displayed. If irregular pulses are detected, these are indicated.

The Omron M6 has the ability to record 90 memories including the date and time. As it uses the newest OMRON technology, one set of batteries lasts for 1500 measurements.

Fully automatic Omron M6 upper arm blood pressure monitor

Large, clear display enables easy readings of results.

  • Longest battery life on the market – One set of batteries is good for 1500 measurements!
  • Intellisense comfort inflation: only pumps the cuff as high as necessary and decreases measurement time
  • Stores 90 memories with date and time stamp – helpful for your GP
  • Averaging mode: averages 3 values and helps to better illustrate long term blood pressure developments
  • Measurement quality indicators:
    Detect and display if irregular heartbeats or user movement disturb the measurement. Only reliable measurements are displayed
  • One button operation makes the Omron M6 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor easy to operate
  • Clinically validated according to the International protocol of the ESH
  • Soft case – continue to take readings wherever you are

What Omron say about the New M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor

A new look, fully featured automatic blood pressure monitor, with cutting edge technology offering the very best in the fight against hypertension. Unique pre-formed cuff fits medium and large arms with ease and comfort.

Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron, a leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors for both home and clinical use are now able to offer the Omron M10 IT Monitor for sale to the public and include it in their highly recommended range of automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors.

Using the Omron M10-IT

The Omron M10 blood pressure monitor takes home blood pressure measuring to the next level offering comfort and accuracy – bulit and designed to incorporate blood pressure monitor reviews of Omron models over the past three years.  The Omron M10 monitor benefits from many user reviews of its predecessors gathered over several years and is certain to give home users exceptional comfort whilst confidently measuring their blood pressure at home.


Features of Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M10 monitor is the natural progresion from previous Omron models – incorprating the benefits of the Comfort M6  and featuring advanced functions such as:-

  • Clinical validation – International Protocol & British Hypertension Society
  • Fully automatic upper arm digirtal blood pressure monitor with “Intellisense” controlled inflation and defation of cuff
  • Dual sized comfort cuff (22-42cm) for medium to large arms
  • Irregular pulse detection – irregular pulses can affect readings if irregular pulse is detected only reliable results will be displayed
  • The Omron M10 takes 3 consecutive readings in’Auto’ mode – the omron M10-it blood pressure monitor automatically takes 3 measurements of your blood pressure
  • Twin 84 reading memory with date and time stamp enable two people to use the same machine
  • Averaging for morning, evening and ‘Auto’ measurement
  • Computer connectivity with Health Management Software included

A selection of user reviews of Omron M10:-

The Omron M10-it blood pressure monitor is extremely easy to use.

A very well made solid piece of equipment which looks very professional.

Excellent value for money.

All you do is attach it to your arm and switch it on.H

The Omron M10 has a memory capable of storing 84 readings each for 2 people which can be fed to your PC via USB for use with the supplied software to store readings using a comparison chart. Omron even supply a USB cable!

I would definitely recommend the Omron M10 blood pressure monitor!

This is a quite sophisticated device but it’s very easy to use.

I have mixed views about the OMRON M10-IT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR.

PRO – excellent innovative features – on the positive front, the machine is well made and is able to store over eighty readings each for two users

Con – not impressed with the ‘one-size fits all’ cuff, which is very bulky and not easy to achieve a snug fit with if you have a slim arm however I understand this is unusual


Know Your Numbers Blood Pressure Testing Week 2009

Know Your Numbers

Blood Pressure Testing Week 2009

Know Your Numbers runs  7 – 14th September 2009

Always keen to support the national awareness week for blood pressure testing this years nationwide event will see free blood pressure checks throughout the UK.  Testing stations, run by professionally qualified volunteers will open their doors to the public to take blood pressure readings and offer advice and information about high blood pressure.

Find your nearest free blood pressure check

To find your nearest Pressure Station, enter your postcode and click ‘Find nearest’!

If you want to speak to someone about blood pressure the bpassoc operate an information line – 020 8772 4994 which is available Monday to Friday. Of course it is likely that the volume of calls will increase during a successful “know your numbers” awareness week.

Know Your Numbers -100,000,000

36 years ago in 1973 Omron Healthcare manufactured and began selling blood pressure monitors – by the end of August 2009 they passed a significant milestone – 100 models sold in 100 countries totalling 100 million blood pressure monitors sold enabling people around the world to keep track of their blood pressure measurements. The latest range of monitors include climate change beating solar powered machines and machines that directly link into diagnostic >laptop computers which relay information to health care professionals.

Know Your Numbers –  100 days

One hundred days until the climate change meeting in Copenhagen

Conveniently coinciding with the 10:10 campaign in which participants vow to reduce their  CO2 emissions byy 10% in 20010 the Copenhagen climate change pow wow is a hundred days away and environmental groups are preparing for this by supporting the 10 10 cliamte change effort

Clinically Validated Blood Pressure Monitors

Find out how you can help control your blood pressure by measuring it at home. Read about clinically validated blood pressure monitors and follow the straightforward guide “How to measure blood pressure

The British Hypertension Society (BHS) maintains an up-to-date list of clinically validated monitors, which we have reproduced below.

A and D Instruments monitors (Small, Standard and Large cuffs available to buy)

•    A and D Instruments UA-704
•    A and D Instruments UA-705
•    A and D Instruments UA-767
•    A and D Instruments UA-779
•    A and D Instruments UA-787
•    A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus
•    A and D Instruments UA-767 Plus Memory
•    A and D Instruments UA-774
•    A and D Instruments UA-767PC
•    A and D Instruments UA-767V
•    A and D Instruments UA-767P-BT

Microlife monitors (Standard  and Large cuffs available to buy)

•    Microlife 3AG1
•    Microlife – As easy as 123
•    Microlife BP 3BTO-A
•    Microlife BP A100
•    Microlife 3BTO-A (2) with two different sized cuffs provided that can also be used during pregnancy
• Microlife BP 3AC1-1
•    Microlife BP A100 Plus
•    Microlife BP 3AC1-1PC
•    Microlife WatchBP – details awaited

Omron monitors (Small, Standard and Large upper arm cuffs available to buy. Wrist monitor cuffs fit wrists 13.5-21.5cm)

•    Omron M1 Plus
•    Omron M2 Compact
•    Omron MX2 Basic
•    Omron MX3 Plus
•    Omron M4-I
•    Omron M6
•    Omron M6 Comfort
•    Omron M7
•    Omron M10-IT
•    Omron R6 (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron R7 (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron 705CP-II
•    Omron 637-IT (Wrist monitor)
•    Omron 705IT

more monitors…