Have a happy, hearty Christmas feast!

Christmas is a time of year for indulging in good food and drink with family and friends.  Here are some ways you can have a hearty, healthy and happy celebration to remember.

christmas pasty

Christmas lunch can be a very nutritious meal – in theory, it contains all the right ingredients, from plenty of vegetables to low-fat turkey meat. In practice, the issue is the sheer amounts we tend to eat in one go – in fact many of us will eat up to 6,000 calories on Christmas Day. That’s the daily allowance for three women or two and a half men!

With a few little changes here and there you can cut down on the calories, and still have a delicious, indulgent Christmas dinner. Here are some tips to give you some ideas:

Instead of: Why not try:
Fat-laden pate starter Home-made vegetable soup. It’s delicious, warming and you’ll get one of your 5-a-day. Butternut squash with a hint of ginger is very moreish.Or a salmon starter – full of those heart-friendly omega-3 fish oils And if using smoked salmon, gently rinse or sponge it first to remove excess salt.
Goose-fat roast potatoes – high in saturated fats Olive-oil roast potatoes – a source of cholesterol-lowering unsaturated fats
Boiling your Christmas veg Steam them. You’ll keep more of the vitamins in the vegetables
Roast duck, goose, beef, pork or lamb Turkey (it’s much lower in fat and very traditional, not to mention cheaper too)
Bread sauce ready mix Homemade bread sauce, made from crumbled, stale bread with semi-skimmed milk and a clove of garlic. It’ll be much lower in salt and fat and much tastier
Ready made sausage meat – a high-fat stuffing (100g can have 16g of fat) Chestnut stuffing – it’s low in fat and a good source of potassium, which will help to lower your blood pressure by countering the effects of salt. (100g of cranberry, orange and chestnut stuffing has just 0.8g of fat)
Ice cream and cream – full of saturated fat Sorbet, frozen yoghurt or crème fraiche (all of which are light and delicious)
Christmas pudding Christmas pudding! It’s low in fat, high in fruit and a great Christmas treat – so tuck in! Just go easy on the cream and custard.