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The information provided on this site is intended to help people understand more about blood pressure and how it can affect health.

Focussing on the importance of measuring blood pressure properly with accurate machines to determine whether the readings are high and suggesting changes in lifestyle and diet that will help lower blood pressure. Contributions are from an assembly of informed healthcare professionals and support teams.

Acknowledgements for information and support – recommended sites.

Blood Pressure Association
A fundamental part of their work is to draw attention to the need to improve detection, management and treatment of high blood pressure. The BPA are represented on Government committees to improve the management of people with high blood pressure and to extend and update the standards used to measure the accuracy of blood pressure monitors available to the general consumer

The British Hypertension Society provides a medical and scientific research forum to enable sharing of cutting edge research in order to understand the origin of high blood pressure and improve its treatment. As part of our increasing engagement in improving blood pressure measurement we are now undertaking active validation of new blood pressure devices for the measurement of blood pressure.

Both of the above are charitable non-profit organisations that rely on both corporate and individual donations. To support the BPA you can donate using your credit card or set up a standing order.

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