Omron, a leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors for both home and clinical use are now able to offer the Omron M10 IT Monitor for sale to the public and include it in their highly recommended range of automatic upper arm blood pressure monitors.

Using the Omron M10-IT

The Omron M10 blood pressure monitor takes home blood pressure measuring to the next level offering comfort and accuracy – bulit and designed to incorporate blood pressure monitor reviews of Omron models over the past three years.  The Omron M10 monitor benefits from many user reviews of its predecessors gathered over several years and is certain to give home users exceptional comfort whilst confidently measuring their blood pressure at home.


Features of Omron M10-IT Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron M10 monitor is the natural progresion from previous Omron models – incorprating the benefits of the Comfort M6  and featuring advanced functions such as:-

  • Clinical validation – International Protocol & British Hypertension Society
  • Fully automatic upper arm digirtal blood pressure monitor with “Intellisense” controlled inflation and defation of cuff
  • Dual sized comfort cuff (22-42cm) for medium to large arms
  • Irregular pulse detection – irregular pulses can affect readings if irregular pulse is detected only reliable results will be displayed
  • The Omron M10 takes 3 consecutive readings in’Auto’ mode – the omron M10-it blood pressure monitor automatically takes 3 measurements of your blood pressure
  • Twin 84 reading memory with date and time stamp enable two people to use the same machine
  • Averaging for morning, evening and ‘Auto’ measurement
  • Computer connectivity with Health Management Software included

A selection of user reviews of Omron M10:-

The Omron M10-it blood pressure monitor is extremely easy to use.

A very well made solid piece of equipment which looks very professional.

Excellent value for money.

All you do is attach it to your arm and switch it on.H

The Omron M10 has a memory capable of storing 84 readings each for 2 people which can be fed to your PC via USB for use with the supplied software to store readings using a comparison chart. Omron even supply a USB cable!

I would definitely recommend the Omron M10 blood pressure monitor!

This is a quite sophisticated device but it’s very easy to use.

I have mixed views about the OMRON M10-IT BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR.

PRO – excellent innovative features – on the positive front, the machine is well made and is able to store over eighty readings each for two users

Con – not impressed with the ‘one-size fits all’ cuff, which is very bulky and not easy to achieve a snug fit with if you have a slim arm however I understand this is unusual