Clinically Approved Blood Pressure Monitors

There are many blood pressure monitors on the market, but not all of them have been clinically validated for accuracy. The British Hypertension Society (BHS) maintains an up-to-date list of clinically validated blood pressure monitors, which we have reproduced on this page The majority of clinically validated monitors are upper arm monitors, where the cuff is put around the arm, above the elbow. However a number of wrist monitors are now clinically validated, but readings at home may be inaccurate if the wrist is not held at heart level. For this reason, the British Hypertension Society recommends the use of upper arm monitors in preference to wrist monitors.

All monitors that are clinically validated will give a reliable result, regardless of whether they cost £35 or £135. The differences in cost reflect the number of additional features a monitor has (for example the ability to store previous readings or speak out readings). But none of the extra features is necessary for an accurate reading, only that the monitor is clinically validated.

Where to buy a blood pressure monitor

Many shops and chemists stock blood pressure monitors but you will find these models cheaper online from medical equipment supply specialist such as Medisave

Cuff size:

If you have very large or very small arms you may need a smaller or larger sized cuff – ask your doctor or nurse for advice. If different sizes are available for any models they are listed as:  small , standard and large.


This device is not clinically validated but reports from the USA show that when used in conjunction with existing treatments resperate does help to lower BP by encourging breathing control.

up-to-date list of clinically validated blood pressure monitors,