More monitors

Boots blood pressure monitors (S, St and L cuffs available to buy)
•    Boots Upper Arm (Omron HEM-742-UK)
•    Boots Upper Arm Intellisense (Omron HEM-757-UK)

Braun (Wrist monitor, fits wrist 13-21cm)
•    Braun BP VitalScan Plus 1650
•    Braun BP 3550 – details awaited

Citizen monitors (St cuff only available, while wrist monitor fits wrist 13.5-19.5cm)
•    Citizen CH-432B
•    Citizen CH-656C (Wrist monitor

Oregon Scientific monitor (fits wrists 13.5-21.5cm)
•    Oregon Scientific BPW810 (Wrist monitor)

Seinex monitor (S, St and L cuffs available to buy)
•    Seinex (Fore-Care) SE-9400

Spengler monitors (St and L cuffs available to buy)
•    Spengler TB-102
•    Spengler TB-101
•    Spengler SMS-PRO
•    Spengler TB-104
•    Spengler SMS-Colour
•    Spengler SMS-101
•    Spengler PRO M – details awaited

Stabil-O-Graph monitor (St, L and XL cuffs available to buy)
•    Stabil-O-Graph