Blood Pressure And Your Health

Understanding Your Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure affects millions of people in the UK increasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Find out how your blood pressure directly affects your health and why careful measuring with the right equipment is essential for accurate readings. The video below explains which monitors are best to use at home to take regular, reliable measurements.

To understand more about what blood pressure is and what you can do to help lower it read the following pages which you should find helpful.

  • What is normal blood pressure
  • Information on high and low blood pressure
  • Why it is important to reduce high blood pressure

Contributions are from a team of informed healthcare and support teams including hypertension professionals that worked with the Blood Pressure Association and the British Hypertension Society.

High blood pressure typically has no symptoms. The only way for you to know if you have low, normal or high blood pressure is to have it measured properly using an accurate blood pressure monitor.

A recent study showed that people who measure their blood pressure at home have better control of their condition. The study found that blood pressure was lower in people who had been regularly checking their blood pressure at home.

Measuring blood pressure needs to give accurate readings if it is to be worthwhile.  You may have been advised to measure your blood pressure at home in order to get a more accurate record of your readings or just want to keep a check on your own blood pressure. On this site you can access a comprehensive fact sheet about how to measure your blood pressure.

The British & Irish Hypertension Society produce an up to date list of blood pressure monitors suitable for both clinical and home users which have been tested and approved. Find out more about these machines and how to use them properly to take accurate blood pressure readings.

You can buy clinically approved monitors online from suppliers of healthcare equipment for both medical professionals and home users.

Reliable information from the trusted consumer advice company Which about the different types of blood pressure monitors available to buy for home use.