Blood Pressure Monitors

Which type of machine is recommended to use at home?

If you are considering buying a blood pressure monitor to record your readings at home it is important that you make an informed decision about the type of machine and how to use it before you make your purchase.

Here you will find details of blood pressure monitors that are suitable for home use compiled by the British Hypertension Society and is intended to provide a useful guide to help you choose a good quality approved machine and they are listed below.

Before you commit to buying blood pressure monitoring equipment it is worth investigating the quality of various types of machines suitable for home use – below are details about some of the most popular machines that are widely available in healthcare stores and online. Shop around and you will find the latest British Hypertension Society approved models often available with excellent discounts and offers.

Many of the monitors on this list are digital upper arm machines that are easy to use and can store your readings to give a record of your blood pressure over several weeks. They have been tested independently and research has confirmed that they can provide accurate readings.

To improve accuracy and comfort different size cuffs are also available.  More about cuff size

White Coat Syndrome

Sometimes your blood pressure may raised when the reading taken in a clinical or medical environment, such as your doctor’s surgery. This is called white coat hypertension (or syndrome) and can be caused by anxiety or by being in a busy or noisy environment.  Blood pressure readings taken at home are often lower than those taken at a doctor’s surgery. Readings taken away from the clinic setting are now seen to provide a more accurate picture of your normal blood pressure.

Using your Blood Pressure Monitor Properly

To use these machines properly and take accurate readings, see the full information fact sheet about how to measure your blood pressure.

For ease of use, these machines can be fully automatic and measure blood pressure correctly on the upper arm at heart level. The readings are given on a digital display and can be stored in the monitor’s memory or printed out.

It is worth noting that electronic blood pressure measuring devices are recognised as providing the most reliable reading. They also have the following advantages:

  • They are accurate for routine clinical use and are relatively inexpensive.
  • Mercury machines (sphygmonometers) are being phased out because of the hazardous nature of the chemical mercury.
  • They eliminate human error in blood pressure measurement.

Blood pressure monitors considered accurate by the British Hypertension Society

The following machines are listed on the BHS website and have been tested independently against recognised protocols

Omron MX2 BasicOmron MX3 Plus Omron
Omron M4-IOmron M6Omron 705cp-IIOmron 705ITOmron M10 ITOmron R7 (Wrist monitor)Omron 637-IT (Wrist monitor)Boots Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron HEM-742-UK)

Boots Upper Arm Intellisense (Omron HEM-757-UK)

Microlife 3AG1

Microlife – As easy as 123

Microlife BP 3BTO-A –

A and D Instruments UA-704A and D UA-705 -A and D Instruments UA-767A and D UA-779A and D Instruments UA-787A and D UA-767 +

A and D Instruments UA-767 Memory

A and D UA-774 – £90

A and D Instruments UA-767PC

A and D UA-767V

A and D Instruments UA-767P-BTMicrolife BP 3AC1-1

Microlife BP A100 Plus

Microlife BP 3AC1-1PCMicrolife 3BTO-A (2) – with two
different sized cuffs provided can also be used during pregnancy

Microlife BP A100

Monitor Cuff Size

Using the appropriate size of arm cuff is important for an accurate reading.
Most people use the standard size cuff that comes with the monitor and obtain an accurate reading.

Some people have slim or bigger arms and a standard size cuff may not be suitable to obtain the best reading. Most machines are supplied with a standard cuff but you can order and buy different size cuffs to suit your needs.

Where to buy a monitor

Blood pressure monitors are now widely available from high street chemists and lots of reputable online stores.