Sensible, regular exercise is without doubt good for a healthy heart. Previously we noted:

You can really help your blood pressure and general health by working regular aerobic exercise into your routine but this doesn’t mean you have to start training for a marathon.

Alternative to the London Marathon

Recently we noticed this interesting fundraising page promoting one of Bob’s charity fundraising event Not running the London Marathon as a reaction to not being allocated a place in this years London Marathon. It is hoped that this concept will be seen as a solution for all fundraisers who are disappointed each year when they fail to be selected for the event.

Running or Walking – Just do it!


This approach is certainly one way to do your bit for fundraising and still get the benefits of excercise without jostling with sweaty runners and bumping into Rhinos

With the growing conciousness of the carbon footprint far flung elaborate organised charity events leave there is more interest in local sponsored walks and running events which are both green and healthy.