Previously we examined the effect of cold weather on blood pressure which explained that the physiological mechanisms of the body make blood vessels constricting in cold weather to retain body heat causes an increase in blood pressure.

This news will reassure those who take long winter holidays from the UK weather favouring to enjoy the change to climates of warmer continents.  Not only will avoiding cold temperatures keep their blood pressure down but the chance to eat more fresh ripe seasonal fruit and vegetables, take plenty of excersie and relax in a better climate are all great opportunities for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and helping control their blood pressure.

Climate Change

The less selfish will be more aware of the impact that the travel involved to enjoy these far away places has with the more concientious exploring methods of ecotourism in an attempt to offest greenhouse gases from air travel contributing to climate change.

Studies on how climate change will affect health are well under way and we hope to be able to bring up to date news as more is learned about the dramatic changes in climate over the next few years.

This helpful factsheet has been produced for those planning a holiday – Blood pressure – Holidays, Flying and Travel.

Offering such gems as buying a cheap lloyds blood pressure monitor to take on travels so changes in climate, damage in transit or theft won’t ruin your data on your main home monitor.

Wherever you travel in the world it is essential  to keepyour blood pressure high on your list of priorities.