First up is the proven fact that people who measure their blood pressure are more likely to see a reduction in their blood pressure.  Not only do they feel more in control but the motivation to keep strict lifestyle changes is maintained because the effects can be seen.

A popular machine is the Omron M10 Blood Pressure Monitor and when used correctly those who measure their own blood pressure do see progress and are able to chart it.

Keep Fit – Exercise to improve your health

Wii Fit GameTaking regular exercise and playing sport is great for keeping the body fit and healthy – both from the physiological cardiovascular aspect and mental well being – 30 minutes of exercise triggers release of endorphins – the natural feel good drug produced by the brain.  Recently Nintendo Wii added another game to the sports range of wii games – wii fit which is being heralded as the ideal solution for couch potatoes  who want to have fun and get fit.  Wii Fit encourages you to work out with a full range of stretching and strengthening  movements – and even calculates the speed and distance of virtual running.  Of course Wii Fit has its critics – this funny wii fit video mocks the original adverts but sarcasm aside there is growing support that playing the game will help people keep fit by lowering blood pressure.

The people over at engadget are conducting an experiment to test the effects of playing wii fit 20 minutes a day for a month and will include details of blood pressure, BMI and weight loss.