There’s a buzz about the new device that helps keep count of calories being used.

Ki Fit

The subject of lifestyle changes and how it affects blood pressure is frequently asked about on many blood pressure patient information pages – advice about healthy eating and low salt, low fat diets along with encouragement to eat more vegetables and omega 3 oils all intended to help lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Ki Fit is a small portable device worn on the arm and is being promoted as a way to see the calories burn doing everyday things like shopping and making love. Nothing to do with the popular game Wii Fit but as comments reveal the arrival of calorie counting games is on the horizon.

The interest in Ki Fit illustrates how important it is to simply get up and move – whether that’s going for a walk around the shops or going to an exercise class. Keeping a food diary is useful too (apparently people often ‘forget’ what they’ve eaten if they don’t write it down). Anything that helps to motivate people to become fitter, lowering their blood pressure and being generally healthier is a good idea in my book.

A quote in support of Ki Fit from Ken Way, a sports psychologist:

“When people strive for outcome goals, usually to get fit or lose weight, they only have one or two variables to test their success: jumping on a pair of scales, or arbitrarily taking their blood pressure,” he says. “If they get negative results, they either give up or carry on with a regime that probably isn’t suited to their individual needs.

Comments and reviews about the Ki Fit

Not sure why it’s airheaded to want to know the best ways to stay fit and healthy – but if so, count me in…

As most similar devices have been based on pedometers, it’s interesting to hear of a new piece of technology which gives you so much more information. And, obviously, that shopping and sex can burn calories. Even if that ‘s vain and shallow.

If being interested in sex makes you vain and shallow then that means the entire adult population is vain and shallow. Seems a bit unlikely.

Just looked at the Ki Fit site and the price is £99.99 plus 11 monthly payments of £16.41. That comes to £280.50. Kind of slimming for my bank account… and that is just the STANDARD version…

Personally I would rather spend it on an Xbox 360 Kinect or PS3 Move and exercise by gaming… Mind you, can’t have sex with your consoles yet. 😉

Sex and shopping?? Ridiculous suggestion,… in tarnation can one shop with ones trousers/shorts around ones ankles?…….Preposterous!

Anyway,……..can you imagine the hue and cry from patrons of our illustrious shopping malls?………….Nah,……….I’tll never catch on,…..stick with the gym!

Just make sure you’re not consuming empty calories after or in between the shop (sugary drinks, etc.). Not worried about my weight, but wish there was a cellulite monitor! I doubt a round of shopping or sex could reduce that considerably enough.

Imagine the fun you could have working out the calorific values for each idea in the Kama Sutra… You could then have a traffic light guide to the book, and Government-sponsored positions ..  . whay hey!